The Fight/Flight Reflex - By Lauren Nichols
Deep in the middle of the jungle, the early human is making his daily trip through the shrubs to the waterhole, failing to notice that he is being stalked by the watchful eye of a large jungle cat. He notices a large colourful tailfeather resting on the ground and bends down to pick it up. When he lifts his head, he find himself face to face, staring deep into the eyes of the tiger...

Read the full article on the "library" page of my website to read about the affects of the fight/flight reflex on children (ADD/HD, OCD, betwetting etc) the long term effects on adults, and a few little tips you can remember to help

By Lauren Nichols (Dip.Hyp.CHt)
Wholisticare - Holistic Complementary Therapies.

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